The Super Bowl is set are you going to watch?

Well it is official Super Bowl XLII is ready for Feb 3rd.  

NYG_logo-80x90 vs  NE_logo-80x90

I half to admit, after my wife's packers lost, I am not very interested in the game.  Which for me is very weird, I really am passionate about football.  Well this topic came up during softball the other night.  As I was talking with some of my buddies, I was being chastised for not wanting to watch the game and it boiled down to this question I have for you and myself:

To see History or

To not see History?

No matter what team you root for, this game will have historical consequences.  At the end of the game we will either have the 2nd team to go undefeated or a team that will prevent that, it is a simple as that.  So I will most likely tune in to the game if not just for the commercials.

To get ready check out the past commercials: Past Super Bowl Commercials

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