Are you ready for some football, divisional championships

It is simple for the remaining 4 teams, you win you get to go to Superbowl XLII.   So who are you rooting for?  Even though my Browns did not make it to the playoffs, I will be rooting for my wife's team the Green Bay Packers, she has season tickets, not sure what I will do if Cleveland ever plays Green Bay in the bowl, I may have to move.  🙂 As for the games I like the Packers and I will not root for the Patriots.  Also I am secretly happy the Colts lost, after they gave the gift of a playoff berth  to the Titans.  Being a Browns fan I can never root for Belichick so here are the divisional championships:

NFC Championship:

NYG_logo-80x90  VS   GB_logo-80x90

AFC Championship:

SD_logo-80x90  VS   NE_logo-80x90

So if my Browns cannot be there:

GO PACK GO!!!!!!!

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