How Does Windows Really Stack Up Against the Competition?

mscomparelogo I just learned about a new site that allows you to see how Windows Server compares to other platforms, mainly Linux.  The site below has several head-to head videos, as well as interviews with customers and industry experts.  So you get to be the judge and see how Microsoft compares to different technologies, there are several webcasts that compare Vista to Ubuntu, IIS to Apache, Deploying IP Sec and DHCP in Microsoft and Linux environments, overall great site (click on the logo to the right for the home page).

Take a look at the site below for more webcasts:

Windows Sever Compare: Webcasts and Screencasts 

I also want to let you know that some of these web casts are going to be delivered LIVE very soon! My buddy Keith Combs is getting ready to deliver a 6 part TechNet webcast series on comparison topics, so check them out!

Click the links below to register:

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