Good article on Melinda Gates

My buddy John Weston, found this great article on Melinda Gates done by Fortune:

Melinda Gates goes public

The article profiles Melinda and a brief bit of her life, but really offers some great insight into the philanthropy efforts that she has started and gotten involved with.  The article gives a glimpse into what Bill will be doing during his retirement.  It even talks about how they both met and how they dated, very interesting stuff.  One piece I liked was the fact that they really targeted schools and the technology divide, interesting quote from the article (I know my buddy Chris Avis will like the quote):

She and Bill decided to take on education reform broadly, focusing on secondary schools. "The piece that looked so intractable and no one was touching was high schools," she says.

The article is about 4 pages long but is worth the read.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

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