An In-Depth Look at SharePoint Server 2007 Search Technology: Webcast (12-17-2007)

Good afternoon all my search aficionados!!!!

Thank you for attending the search webcast and I hope you found it interesting. We had some great questions from the webcast and I have the answers below. Before I get to those I wanted to share some resources with you:


Without any more delay here is the Q/A and Happy Searching!

Question: Will we cover any advanced crawl rule syntax. Especially wildcards to use in excludes? What's the best source for documentation on creating excludes?
Answer: Check out this post on the MSDN site: Enterprise Search SQL Syntax Reference. In addition to that I highly recommend that you check out the SDK above.

Question: Do we need third party search capability, ie. COVEO
Answer: Not really, SharePoint can really do it all, but again it really depends on what you need for your business to be successful and will SharePoint meet that need. With all the customers that I talk with SharePoint meets that need out of the box or can be customized to meet the need.

Question: Where can I get a VPC of MOSS 2007?
Answer: This one was mention you could get it in the forefront download, but there is also a download here: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 VHD

Question: Where would you install the search server interface, on the index server or web front end?
Answer: That really depends I recommend taking a look at the downloadable books for SharePoint, specifically both parts of the planning guide and the administering search guide:

Downloadable books for Office SharePoint Server 2007

Question: To clarify, will search federation be available for MOSS in a future service pack? If so, will that be SP2? Or is that now available in SP1?
Answer: Nothing officially public I can find yet, but that is the plan.

Question: We are thinking using Coligo with MOSS for offline collaboration, is this a good option?
Answer: Well, I am unfamiliar with Coligo (SP) and I was unable to dig anything up on it. However, I highly recommend taking a look at Groove this maybe a better option for you, check out a great article here:
Get into the Groove: Solutions for Secure and Dynamic Collaboration

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