DreamHack the Largest LAN Game Festival, Guitar Hero Contest

gh Two of my worldwide counterparts Daniel and Tony showed the audience the best Guitar Hero players from DreamHack! DreamHack is located in Sweden and is the World biggest LAN game festival with 10,500 PC’s.  They had a great time and here are some videos for you to take a look at from their Guitar Hero Contest.  

BTW, for those interested: “Through the Fire and Flames” on Expert mode…. WOW!!!!

DreamHack Winter 2007 - Guitar Hero Preliminary Rounds

DreamHack Winter 2007 - Guitar Hero Best of the Best

Enjoy and I hope to be that good and I did ask Santa for Guitar Hero for Christmas.  🙂

Comments (2)

  1. Tim Barrett says:

    That was pretty awesome Matt, thanks for sharing the video. Guess I’m not as good as I thought. 😉

  2. Matt Hester says:

    Heck I am still trying to beat easy.  🙂

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