Windows Vista Product Guide screencast – Common IE 7 tasks

ie7_splashMany of you have already played with Internet Explorer 7 which is in both Windows Vista and available for download in Windows XP.  This  new browser has really changed how IE looks at browsing the web.  The developers really looked to improve the browsing from just making routine tasks a lot easier. 

Internet Explorer 7 really focused on a several key improvements around tabbed browsing, search, and improved printing.  There is also a great integration with RSS feeds and IE.    You can subscribe to feeds from right inside of IE and what makes it cool is that this integration sends the feeds directly into Microsoft Outlook. 

Printing is made easier by some great enhancements around shrinking the webpage to automatically to make sure the entire page prints properly.  How many of are tired of copy and pasting pages to just print them properly? 

It is also easier to do many common printing tasks like adjusting webpage margins, page layout, and headers/footers.   Not to mention the new printing features include some nice touches around Print Preview.

In this screencast I talk about a few features including tabbed browsing (Quick Tabs, tabbed browsing, and Tab Groups).  I also briefly discuss printing and other great improvements in Internet Explorer 7.

Watch the screencast here:

Screencast: Common Tasks in IE 7

Enjoy and please comment let me know what you think!

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