TechNet Event Detroit, MI (9/27/07)

Good morning motor city! Thank you all for coming to the event last week on Thursday! I hope everyone enjoyed the event and I look forward to seeing you come back to future TechNet events. We had a few questions from the event and they are listed below. Please comment if I missed any or if you need more information.

This is the link to Tolly Group's report on Enhanced Network Performance with Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 that I mentioned during the show:

Q: Where can I find the first IT Pro Video?
You can find the video here: First IT Pro Video

Q: How do you set thresholds for forefront, i.e. you have 10% of your network infected?
Yes, using the mom components you can set thresholds. So when you set an alert in mom you will be able to set thresholds.

Q: Can you have non domain joined systems be a part of your sms network?
Yes you can, take a look here for more information: SMS and Unmanaged Clients

Q: Can you install multiple system center essentials servers in the same network?
Take a look here for more information on deployment topologies: Supported Deployment Topologies in System Center Essentials

Q: Where can I find more resources on ForeFront?
Great VPC here: Microsoft Forefront and System Center Demonstration Toolkit

Lots of great resources including virtual labs, webcasts, podcasts and some more technical training are located here: Forefront Learning Resources

Q: How is SCE licensed?
There is some detailed information here: System Center Essentials 2007 Pricing and Licensing

Q: Is there any more information on how IAG works with Citrix?
Yes there is some good out of the box support for Citrix with IAG, using the client server connector. Here are some the products supported out of the box:

  • Citrix Program Neighborhood
  • Citrix NFuse FR2/FR3 (SecureGateway)
  • Citrix Presentation Server
  • Citrix Secure Access Manager

Take a look at the datasheet here: Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG) 2007 Data Sheet

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