Technical Overview of Forefront Security for Exchange Server: Webcast (09-14-2007)

Good afternoon all my Forefront protectors!

Thank you for coming to the webcast and thank you to Keith Combs for helping out with the Q/A! Here are the questions from the webcast, please comment if you need more information.

Watch a reply of the webcast:
TechNet Webcast: Technical Overview of Forefront Security for Exchange Server

Question: Is Forefront a new Sybari/Antigen
Answer: All of the acquisitions we've made are under the Forefront brand now, so yes.

Question: Is there or do you have plans for smaller scale solutions. ie: small business server installations
Answer: I would imagine the SBS dev team is looking at some of this for their next release, but I don't know for sure.

Question: Can forefront be installed on an exchange server or does it require a dedicated server?
Answer: It can be installed on the same server, it does not require a separate server.

Question: Where can I find some sample VPC’s to test Forefront?
Answer: Microsoft Forefront and System Center Demonstration Toolkit

Question: Does Forefront need to be installed on all Exchange roles or just the one with Hub Transport?
Answer: You can use Forefront for Exchange at the edge, hub transport and mailbox servers. If you scan a message at the hub, it is marked so the mailbox server does not need to rescan it.

Question: What's about FSSMC (management console) we are using Antigen 9.0 we are still waiting since month a Enterprise management console, when will the console be released?
Answer: I don't think we have that information

Question: Where can we find the best practices on Forefront for Exchange?
Answer: Take a look here: Forefront Server Security White Papers

. Question: How can a virus outbreak be detected?
Answer: ForeFront does this and reports it near real time. System Center Operations Manager 2007 will also bubble alerts very quickly.

Question: how many malware signatures does forefront recognize as of today..?
Answer: You can get that from the actual engines themselves.

Question: How can we deploy settings to multiples servers?
Answer: You can create templates and use them to roll out multiple servers.

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