End-to-End Overview of Internet Information Services 7.0: Webcast (09-07-2007)

Good afternoon all my next generation web administrators!

Thanks for coming to the webcast on IIS 7.0 I hope you enjoyed the webcast here are the questions and some additional resources for you.


Question: Have the services been separated to run as their own separate processes, or do they still run under svchost.exe?
Answer: Yes and Yes. In IIS 7.0, functionality that was previously handled by the World Wide Web Publishing Service (WWW Service) alone is now split between two services: WWW Service and a new service, Windows Activation Service (WAS). These two services run as LocalSystem in the same Svchost.exe process, and share the same binaries.

Take a look here for more information: IIS 7.0 Beta: IIS 7.0 Components

Asked: Do you have examples in VB.Net?
Answer: I do not have any specific examples but take a look at the development reference:
IIS 7.0: Web Server Development Reference

Question: Is ApplicationHost.config equal to mechine.config?
Answer: Not really, this is a brand new file specific to IIS and really similar to machine.config and the root web.config for .NET Framework settings. Take a look here for more information: Introduction to ApplicationHost.config

Question: Where i can find information for a migration of iis 5.0 to 6.0?
Answer: There is not a lot of information out yet take a look here:
List of registry keys that are migrated when you upgrade from IIS 5.1

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