Are you up for a challenge or are you too Chicken?

How many of you love the online free games but all you get is a good and fun way to waste time.  Well I am here to challenge everyone to a game of Chicktionary  This is a part of the new live search club.  Okay now I know that this is not totally new but after spending the last 10 hours trying to get that last word, stupid chickens!  As much frustration as I have had playing this game,  I have to tell you this game is exceptionally fun.  More importantly you can win free stuff!  By playing the online games you earn this things called tickets.  And if you win enough tickets you can win all kinds of different prizes.  If you do not like word games they have several other games, take a look at them here: All Games ChicktionarySplashScreen

Some of the prizes include:

  • Song Downloads
  • Digital Headphones
  • Faceplate for Xbox 360
  • 1 Two-General Admission Movie Pass
  • Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 Web Camera
  • Microsoft Vista Home Premium
  • Microsoft Zune
  • Microsoft Office Standard 2007
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro Bundle, (you better plan to take vacation if you want this, it is 35,000 Tickets)

(see Get Prizes for more details, rules and conditions)

Play games, earn tickets, and get prizes, it is pretty much that simple.

So join the club and get your chicken on!

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