Introduction to Windows PowerShell Scripting in Exchange Server 2007 (07-11-2007)

Good afternoon all my Exchange Command Shell gurus!

Thank you for attending the webcast on Exchange and Powershell. I am sorry for the delay in getting this posted. Here are some resources and the questions from the webcast. Also just so you know, I did finally get the command because I had to use the Set command.

To watch a replay of the webcast take a look here:
Introduction to Windows PowerShell Scripting in Exchange Server 2007

Good introductory Virtual Lab:
Using the Exchange Server 2007 Management Console and Shell

Question: On a mixed E2K3/E2K7 environment, can the shell be used to manage both sides?
Answer: Yes it can, however it will only allow you to access the objects that are Exchange 2003 specific.

[UPDATE]: I posted a clarification and a little more detail to this question here: Exchange PowerShell Webcast Question Clarification 

Question: Are there new scripting tools to perform administrative checks such as eseutil across multiple exchange servers without requiring shell connections to each machine?
Answer: Yes, just make sure, depending on the command that you choose, you have the servers have Powershell loaded.

Question: Could there be an application for creating a GUI for building scripts?
Answer: YES, I recommend you check out the Powershell guy web site:

Question: Can you add user attributes like Office address, phone number, country , mobile phone number etc to the mailbox creation script?
Answer: Yes, you can! It is just a matter of making the correct calls and choices, take a look at this article to get you started: Windows Powershell Working with Active Directory

Question: How do you get Windows Scheduler to run a Powershell script every day?
Answer: You can use the same windows at.exe command or the Windows Scheduled Tasks to schedule the script that you created.

Question: Does Powershell support cmdlets for migration of e2k3 accounts?
Answer: Absolutely, take a look here for some demos:
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007: Deployment and Migration

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  1. //o// says:

    Hiya, matt

    I liked the session,

    … only we met years ago ?, strange how time flies with PowerShell.

    Sorry I did see your session in the "replay", missed the live one.

    Will make an entry about it tomorrow.

    Greetings //o//

    PS You should have polled about GUI/PoSH AFTER you did import all those users 😉

    PS2 did you consider PowerTab ?, especial with exchange I think it could add a lot.

    Run PowerTabSetup.ps1 hit enter till it’s done

    and use Tab even more 🙂 …

  2. Anonymous says:

    Matt Hester, a Microsoft IT Pro Evangelist, did 2 webcasts about PowerShell and both with a complementing

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