Are you ready to WOW your business? Windows Vista Hardware Assessment 2.0 has been released.

I just learned about a new version to a fantastic tool that the product group has been working on.  The Windows Vista Hardware Assessment (WHVA) 2.0 tool.  This tool is simply fantastic and is pretty easy to use!

What is WVHA?clip_image0011

The WVHA is a network inventory tool (BTW, very cool part is that it is AGENT-LESS) The tool helps to you determine the readiness of your systems for Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office. 

It does 4 major things for you to help determine if your ready to WOW the business:

  1. Hardware Inventory
  2. Compatibility Analysis
  3. Readiness Reporting
  4. Enough data to help with your Migration Proposal!

To Learn More:

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    Matt Hester beat me to it. Well, not really. We’ll just let him think he did. Matt posted some information

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