If this keeps up I may have to switch

As a lot of you know I prefer virtual PC over Virtual Server for my demonstrations, during live events or webcast.  Mine is just a simple usage feature why I use Virtual PC over Virtual Server.  I like to be able to drag and drop between my host and guest system.  This makes it very easy to create demo based environments and populate my images with demo files.  I know it is simple to setup a quick shared network, by using the local loopback adapter and sharing files back and forth.  I just like the drag and drop...Call me crazy but that is how I roll.

Well my friend teammate Keith Combs is on the other side he uses a lot of Virtual Server as his demo platform.  Just recently he posted a new tool for Virtual Server, that is giving me second thoughts about Virtual PC. 

It is called VMRCplus (some of you may have scene it), it is a utility made by Matthijs ten Seldam, and it has some impressive features.  Take a look at Keith's post of the new tool here:


VMRCPlus goes public - download now

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  1. I confess to also being in the VPC over VS camp – and again, its one feature:


    I frequently need to capture the active window for documentation – and you cant do it from the VS console, VMRC, or even Terminal Client.  

    You can from the VPC desktop.

    If that is in VMRCplus … I may have to switch too !!!  😛

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