Have you ever wondered what a live TechNet event looks like?

Every quarter I post my schedule of when I will be delivering live TechNet Events in mostly the heartland area (Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee) and you may have wondered what happens at these events?

If you want to know what happens, check out the event review below. Recently I delivered a live event in Lexington, KY and one of my attendees Tahelia did a great job and posted how her day went. Thanks Tahelia!  Check it out:


TechNet Event Review in Lexington


You can read all the questions and answers here: Questions from the Kentucky TechNet events

BTW, yes Tahelia I wanted Vista guy I did not get to go to TechEd, and I am glad he liked my jokes.

So after reading Tahelia’s entry you probably want to attend your own event. Well right now we do not have the official schedule posted, but we will be starting back on the road in August. The unofficial and preliminary schedule for next quarter is (worthy of at least penciling it in your calendars):

  • 8/7/2007    Grand Rapids, MI
  • 8/9/2007    Toledo, OH
  • 8/28/2007  Dayton, OH
  • 9/27/2007  Detroit, MI

The topics we are currently looking include system center with forefront components as well as next generation networking technologies with Windows Server 2008. It is going to be some awesome technologies!

Once the events get officially locked into the schedule and I have registration information I will post. In the mean time you go to http://technetevents.com/mhester and go to the RSS feeds and subscribe to a feed for your state.

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