Group Policy in Windows Vista: Webcast (05-23-2007)

Good afternoon all my Group Policy gurus!

I am sorry for the delay in getting this posting on the page from the webcast questions.

Here are the questions, please comment if you need more information.

Question: Where can I get the ADPREP setup files?
Answer: The files that I used for the demonstration were located on the Windows Server 2008 DVD in the directory called sources.

Question: Is the GPMC (Group Policy Management Console) in Windows Vista the same that is downloaded from the web?
Answer: Yes they are the same, to download the console for prior versions of Windows take a look here: Group Policy Management Console with Service Pack 1

Question: What's the recommended way in mapping out network drives using group policy?
Answer: I usually recommend login scripts, the scripting guys have several examples, here is one: How can I map drive x on a computer, but only if drive x isn't already in use?

Question: Any thought of putting a "search" function in Group Policy Management?
Answer: I know this is one of the top feature requests for the tool and I know it is being heard, in the meantime when you have feature/function suggestions I recommend sending an email to

Question: Do the device installation restriction policies require Vista? Also, once a device successfully is installed can it be blocked in the future?
Answer: Yes, the policies do require Windows Vista and these policies only affect the installation, once a device is installed you can look at the removable storage policies to restrict the devices from usage. There is a fantastic guide on these polices here:
Step-By-Step Guide to Controlling Device Installation and Usage with Group Policy

Question: Can systems be sleeping and then automatically wake up to deal with SMS commands?
Answer: Yes with the configuration manager you are going to be able to do this take a look here for more information: Configuration Manager Wake On LAN

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