Windows Desktop Search Deployment: You say MSI, I say .exe, now you can have both!

I just got word of something extremely fantastic!  On the 22nd we added a new download option for Windows Desktop Search!  You can know download a .MSI file.  In the past the download was only a .exe file and the instructions to make a .MSI was not the greatest answer to enterprise deployment.  This is a feature that many of you wanted with Windows Desktop Search.  So we heard you, and we FINNALLY have a .MSI file for ease of deployment!  HOORAY! When you go to download you get either the .MSI or .exe file or even both! 


Click Here to Download WDS 3.01 


So the latest release version of Windows Desktop Search 3.01, is a minor update to Windows Desktop Search 3.0 that adds: support for indexing UNC files, additional support for enterprise deployment, and stability improvements.  This newest version also includes the .adm template for managing the engine with group policy.  The template is actually in the actual download package it self.  To get the file you need to run the file at the cmd prompt with a /extract to get the template file which is stored in the updates directory of the extracted files. 

To learn more about the working with the desktop search engine I would highly recommend that you download the administrators guide:

Windows Desktop Search 3.01 Administration Guide 


Comments (4)

  1. Nick Su says:


    Has anybody tried the MSI package?

    When I deployed this via GP, pressing <windows>+F gave me the old Search window.

    If I uninstall the package via GP and installed the MSI manually, then pressing <windows>+F gave me the new window.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Damien Rouaud says:

    Hello, thanks for the WDS 3.01 msi package.

    Can we expect a similar MSI package for WDS 4.0 (french release)? It would really be appreciated even though I know I can deploy it through WSUS.

  3. MG says:

    Do you know if there will be a msi available for WDS4 for XP?


  4. MarkXIIX says:

    Still looking for an MSI for WDS 4.0.  Has anyone seen one?

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