TechNet Events Toledo, Oh and Detroit, Mi (5/08/2007 and 5/10/2007)

Good morning Toledo and Detroit!

Again thank you for everyone coming out and enjoying the events! I had a lot of fun and I hope you learned as much as I did from the events. BTW, yes the MAN command for PowerShell commands works. I glad everyone liked the short video with the first known IT Pro support case (link is below)

I look forward seeing everyone again next time I get up to Toledo and Detroit!

We had a lot of great questions come up and without any more delay here are the questions. If you want to see previous questions from the events I did in Columbus and Cleveland click here:
Questions from Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio (4/10/2007 and 4/5/2007)

Enjoy and please comment if I missed any or if you need more information!

Q: Where can I find the video of the first known case of an IT Pro support call?
This fun little video can be found here:

Q: Can you send Vista problem reports/reliability monitor to Microsoft Operations Manager?
It does not currently seem available with MOM 2005; however the next release appears to have that functionality. Take a look here for more information:  System Center Client monitoring

Q: Can you view multiple computers in event viewer can you customize a view to have multiple PC’s?
Yes you can, inside of event viewer on computer(s) line, enter the name of the computers that you want your custom view to display. Enter multiple computers by separating them with a comma (,).

Q: Where can I learn more about the Forefront Pricing?
Take a look here:

Q: What are the anti-virus engines in ForeFront?
Forefront Security for Exchange Server includes industry-leading anti-virus engines from global security firms including AhnLab, Authentium, CA, Kaspersky Labs, Norman Data Defense, Microsoft, Sophos, and VirusBuster. Businesses can run up to five scan engines at once, and in different combinations across the server system. This provides rapid response to new threats, regardless of where the threat originates. Forefront Security for Exchange Server automatically downloads the latest signatures and selects the optimal combination of engines to use, helping ensure a high level of protection and reducing the window of exposure to any given threat. Diversity of anti-virus engines across messaging servers and client devices helps protect against a single point of failure in the IT environment.

Q: Can the RODC perform an authoritative restore and where can I learn more about the RODC?
No, it cannot the RODC does not contain a database to restore to. For more information check out this great article from TechNet magazine:

Q: Can you restrict certain users from shared applications in Terminal services?
Yes, and this is really a matter of securing the .rdp package you create with security permissions. For example in the event I deployed the package to a share, I could have simply restricted access to the share to prevent users I do not want to access the application that I shared. Additionally in my particular case I had to be an administrator to even use the application (Server Manager) that I shared. For more information take a look at the step-by-step guide located here:

Q: Can you do a Complete PC restore across the network?
No, this is only available via booting to the CD/DVD or if you have pre-installed the recovery environment onto a Windows Vista system.

Comments (2)

  1. Matt,

    Just to clarify…the AV engine in Forefront Client Secuirty is the single Microsoft AV engine (the same one that is used in Windows Live OneCare) while Forefront for Exchange, Forefront for Sharepoint, and the upcoming Forefront for Office Communicator all use the multiple engine. With mulitple engines, you can decide how many engines you’d like to use at once based on performance, degree of certainity, etc.

    Why don’t we run multiple engine scans in FCS? It’s simple: Pure Performance. Running all those engines on a workstation would slow everthing down to a crawl.  

    Keep up the great posts!

    – Kai the Security Guy

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