Key Exchange Server 2007 Scenarios: Webcast (04-23-07)

Good evening all my Exchange Scenario Masters!

Thank you for attending the webcast on Exchange Server 2007 Scenarios. We talked a lot about several topics from administration, to OWA, to LCR. Hopefully you enjoyed the webcast and you had a lot of questions. As promised here are some links to resources for you:

Without any more delay here are the questions.  Please comment or email if you need more information.

Question: Is there some more information on the linked mailbox?
Answer:  Linked mailboxes are mailboxes that are accessed by users in a separate, trusted forest. Linked mailboxes may be necessary for organizations that choose to deploy Exchange in a resource forest.

Take a look here for more information:

Question: Does Exchange 2007 come with some sample hub transport rules?
Answer: No. but the help files do a great job of explaining the rules and how to create them. Especially if you want to use expressions, like I demonstrated with my social security number example.

Question: Is there any way in Microsoft Exchange 2007 to add security to a mailbox without having to go to the PowerShell command prompt?
Answer: Depending on which set of permissions you are looking to do. If you are looking for the ACL’s of the actual mailbox, those are in the same location as in Exchange 2003. If you go into Active Directory Users and Computers and go into the properties of the user you are looking to modify select the Exchange Advanced tab and select Mailbox Rights. If you are looking to set send on behalf permissions, take a look at the screen shot below:


Question: How intensive are transport rules? i.e processor, etc
Answer: As I mentioned during the web cast this answer really depends on a lot of factors. I would highly recommend take a look at the planning guidance here: Planning for Hub Transport Servers

Question: Can you journal messages based on membership in an AD group?
Answer: You can journal a group, but that does not allow you to journal the members. You only journal the mail sent to the distribution list. However, you can make multiple rules to capture the users you need to journal.

Question: Exchange 2007 certification insists more on the Management Shell. Is it true!
Answer: I am not sure for certain, but it would not surprise me if the Management Shell was a big part of the exam. For the current exam take a look here:

Question: Is there a public date for SP1 that will include standby continuous replication and could you give a 30 second overview of pros/cons of SCR?
Answer: There is no public date for SP1 but according the Exchange team’s blog, it will become available sometime in April via TechNet. SCR will allow you to replicate on a per storage group basis. To learn more click here:

Question: how do I set up send/receive email attachment size for individual user using GUI
Answer: Right click on the user and select properties then select mail flow settings.  See below:

Question: Can I force encoding of 7Bit instead of Base64
Answer: I believe the default for Exchange 2007 is 7-bit. To understand the encoding take a look here: . Then I would also take a look at the follow up article that explains working with the different options here:

Question: What are the recommended system requirements for Microsoft Exchange 2007?
Answer: You can find a list of all the system requirements here:

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