Technical Overview of Excel Services: Webcast (04-06-2007)

Good afternoon XFD1048576,

In case you’re wondering who XFD1048576 is, that is the very last cell in an Excel 2007 spreadsheet. 🙂

First off thank you for attending the webcast on an exciting technology in SharePoint 2007, Excel Services, I hope you enjoyed seeing all the wonderful possibilities that are out there for Excel 2007 in a collaboration environment.

To see the demos and some other resources take a look here: ITPRODSK-110: Excel Services Technical Overview

Watch a replay of the webcast here: TechNet Webcast: Technical Overview of Excel Services

Without any more delay here are the questions.  Please comment or email if you need more information.

Question: I really like both the new Microsoft Excel 2007 and the Excel Services in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Is there a quick reference guide for the new features?
Answer: There are a couple of great pages to help you out:

Question: is there a trial version of Excel Svc?
Answer: Yes here is 180 day trial (Thanks Daryllmc): SharePoint Server 2007 Trial Version

Question: Is there any information on ProClarity & the Up incoming PerformancePoint Intergration with Excel Services?
Answer: Unfortunately, I could not find any information that is publicly available as of yet.

Question: Does Excel 2007 lose any functionality in Virtual PC or in SharePoint in Virtual PC?
Answer: None that I am aware of

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  1. AFlores says:

    Hi, I’ve just been tesing a few things with the Win Server 2008 & MOSS inside a VirtualPC, and it happens to loose some kind of reference. You need to restart the Virtual PC every time Excel Services displays an Error Message. any idea of waht could be done with it?? (i know it might sound fool to be testing this… sorry)

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