High-Octane Solutions for Critical Systems Updated TechNet Schedule for April – June 2007

Good afternoon boys and girls!  I have official cities, locations and registration lins for the events starting in April for our live TechNet Events!  I am excited to report that the preliminary scheduled I posted a while back became official and even better yet I get to go to California!  I am very excited to be delivering two events on the west coast, Bakersfield, CA and Long Beach, CA. 

We have 3 exciting topics to talk about:

  • Security and Reliability Enhancements for Windows Vista: We've all received the frantic phone calls: "My system crashed. How can I recover it?" and "I deleted some documents. Can you restore them for me?". Learn about the new Windows Vista built-in diagnostics and recovery features that help you – and your end-users – keep critical systems up and running.
  • Managing your Network using Windows "Longhorn" Server, AD and Group Policy: We will talk about the next generation of management features in the upcoming Windows "Longhorn" server.
  • Introduction to Forefront Security: Every week brings new reports of identity theft, missing corporate data, and compromised private information. That's why information security has become the top priority for virtually all businesses, regardless of their size. Forefront Client Security is a single, comprehensive solution that guards against malware.

To register and learn more about the events click a link below:


  1. Click here to register for Bakersfield, California on 4/3/2007
  2. Click here to register for Long Beach, California on 4/5/2007
  3. Click here to register for Cleveland, Ohio. on 4/10/2007
  4. Click here to register for Columbus, Ohio on 4/12/2007


  1. Click here to register for Toledo, Ohio on 5/8/2007
  2. Click here to register for Detroit, Michigan on 5/10/2007


  1. Click here to register for Dayton, Ohio on 6/5/2007
  2. Click here to register for Cincinnati, Ohio on 6/7/2007
  3. Click here to register for Lexington, Kentucky on 6/19/2007
  4. Click here to register for Louisville, KY on 6/21/2007

If you did not see a city near you click here to find a location closest to you: TechNet Events or Spring 2007.  

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