TechNet Event Fort Worth (3/13/2007)

Good day Fort Worth

Thank you for coming to the event on the 13th. I really enjoyed delivering the TechNet in my “backyard”. I hope everyone had a fun day and learned something new about Windows Vista, Exchange 2007 and Office 2007.

We had some great questions and without any more delay here are the questions.

Enjoy and comment if I missed any or if you need more information!

Q: How does Exchange hosting handle archival?
Yes, it will but I am putting an * on that answer. The archival capabilities really depend on the hosting provider, giving you the service you need. Take a look here to learn more about Exchange hosting providers:

Q: Where can I get the hardware assessment tool for Windows Vista?
The Windows Vista Hardware Assessment solution Accelerator is an inventory, assessment, and reporting tool that will find computers on a network and determine if they are ready to run the Windows Vista™ operating system. You can learn more here: Windows Vista Hardware Assessment 

Q: What encryption standard (s) does bit-locker leverage?
By default bit-locker user AES 128 bit.  However there are several options you can use  to configure the different algorithms.  I am sill in process of writing a detailed blog post on the subject.  If you need more information in the mean time, please ping me.   for more information of bit-locker take a look here:

Q: Where can I get the Red Cross and Katrina video?
This was something I was involved with and I continue to share. Take a look here to learn more about the video:

Q: Can you turn dreamscene off with group policy?
Unfortunately I was not able to find any information on a built-in policy for dreamscene, however, you can prevent the file from being downloaded. There is a good discussion about this at the Windows Vista team blog: Vista Team Blog on DreamScene

Q: Where can I get the Office 2007 group policy templates?
You can download them here: 2007 Office System Administrative Templates

Q: Does adding tags to Windows Vista files remove meta-data?
I was able to find some information on this and before I go any further, I just want to make this clear. This is not a Windows Vista problem! This has to do with the digital camera industry, specifically the metadata formatting isn't standardized, and every camera maker using their own format. We just used the standard JPG metadata definitions. The nature of the non-standard metadata is a problem that will occur with any program that modifies metadata from RAW photos. So how does the problem get fixed? Either the industry needs to standardize, or we need to rely on camera manufactures.

Comments (6)

  1. Daniel Lemire says:

    Thanks for getting these answers out there.  With all the noise out there about Vista, it’s useful to get an answer from the source.

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