TechNet Events Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor, Michigan (3/6/2007 and 3/8/2007)

Good evening Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor!

Thank you for attending the events in Michigan!  Hopefully everyone had a great time and gained some insight into some of Microsoft's exciting products!  I look forward to the next time I get to visit. 

During the Grand Rapids event, most of you got to meet Richard Kenyon.  Richard runs both the West Michigan Small Business Technology Group and West Michigan NT Users Group.  These are some great User Groups and I got to visit with them on Wednesday evening.  So if you are interested in these two user groups check them out!

We had some great questions over both events. Without any more delay here are the questions.

Enjoy and comment if I missed any or if you need more information!

Q: Where can I get the Office 2007 compatibility tools for previous versions of Office?

Q: Where can I download the BDD tools?
There are some very exciting deployment technologies for Windows Vista, this is great page: To learn more about imaging, application compatibility, infrastructure requirements…etc. Fantastic page! For more specific information on the BDD take a look here:

Q: Where can I find information on the Windows Vista Activation?
There is a great article on Windows Vista Activation and Technical guidance:

Q: What is Complete PC backup and what versions of Vista is it in?
Complete PC is only available in Windows Vista Business, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions. Complete PC is a fantastic utility for a complete image backup and restore solution for Windows Vista.

To learn more about Complete PC backup:

Q: How do computer name changes work in the BDD?
This is where some other tools will get involved, WinPE can actually generate random names, but there are also additional tools look at:

Q: How do you create a WIM image for deployment, and how do you deploy the image?
This is a great question, there are several new tools and methods for deploying Windows Vista. One of the best resources I can give you is the Windows Vista deployment guide:

Q: How does the migration from Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2007 work?
This is pretty straight forward. In a nut shell you install Exchange 2007 into the existing Exchange 200 organization., This will allow Exchange 2007 to pick up on the organization settings and configurations. Once you have verified the server is properly into the 2000 organization, then it becomes a matter of moving the mailboxes over.

For more detailed information take a look here: .

Comments (2)

  1. Scott St.Martin says:


    The link for the documentation for the migration of Exchange 2000 to 2007 says that the info is no longer available.  Is there another link?



  2. Matt Hester says:

    Scott, sorry about that I have updated the link, also here is the correct link

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