Thank You and Launch Resources!

Thank you! 

Thank you to everyone that attended the launch events across the nation!    Personally I want to thank the ~3,700 (3,792 to be exact) that came out and saw me in Memphis, Nashville, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Honolulu (yeah tough gig, read about where I went after Hawaii: Where did I go after Honolulu)

I hoped you enjoyed the sessions and more importantly you found value in Windows Vista, Office 2007, and Exchange 2007 to begin planning your deployments or even purchasing the products right away!  Again I cannot thank you enough for coming out to the shows.  Because of YOU attending all the TechNet events (live, web cast or others) my teammates and myself get to keep coming to your states and cities, so thank you and see you again soon!

Here are some resources to follow up on launch:

Product Technical Home pages:

Slide Decks are posted here:

Question and Answer Logs from the launch events:

Again thank you for coming to the events and see you soon, to check out my schedule after launch click here:

VERY preliminary schedule

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