Honolulu, Hawaii: Launch (03/01/2007)

Aloha and Mahalo!

Thank you to everyone for coming to the event! We had 510 IT Professionals showing the Aloha Spirit! I hope everyone had fun and more importantly learned something new about all the exciting products that we have coming out!  I look forward to the next time I get to visit the beautiful state of Hawaii!  If you need me to come back sooner just send an email to my bosses melanie.brunner@microsoft.com or richruss@microsoft.com   🙂  Just kidding, it was truly my privilege for me to speak with all of you.  Thank you again!

We had a great day and we had a lot of questions and without any more delay here are the questions.

Enjoy and comment if I missed any or if you need more information!

Q: Where is the download for the Office 2007 add-in for Office 2003 for document compatibility?

Q: Where can I get the We Share Your Pain Video (WYSP)?
I get this question quite a bit, it is a fun little video on IT Showtime located here:  http://www.microsoft.com/uk/technet/itsshowtime/sessionh.aspx?videoid=9999.
The video is under the title: WSYP Project: leverage customer feedback for software quality.  If you have never seen the video it is very funny, and will answer the question what happens when I click on the button that sends the error report to Microsoft. Enjoy.

Q: Where do I learn more about the decision to go all 64-bit for Exchange 2007?
The interview was done by a teammate of mine, Michael Murphy.  It is located here: http://blogs.technet.com/mjmurphy/archive/2006/02/27/420667.aspx

Q: How can you add a phrase to the subject field, like a disclaimer?
Yes you can.  This is done with a hub transport rule, like the example I showed with the social security message being rejected.  The action you would select is called set header value, when you set that you simply tell it subject and set your value.  It is very easy and straight forward.  You can also perform the same action at the edge transport role; this will also allow you to pre-pend to the subject line.

Q: Can you migrate and Exchange 2003 standard environment to Exchange 2007 Enterprise?
Yes, due to the nature of the side by side nature of the migration, the version of Exchange 2003 does not impact that. For other upgrade questions take a look here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/a313c016-0e51-466e-a3de-953e1e0d347d.aspx

Q: Can you use terminal services and Office 2007?
Yes, here are some good considerations for: http://technet2.microsoft.com/Office/en-us/library/aeff3333-510e-4f8b-8bac-0cc7b5a604161033.mspx?mfr=true

Q: Is there a document discussing ISA and Exchange 2007?
Here are a couple of great documents for you to take a look at:

Q: Where can I find more information on using network building of Windows Vista deployments?
Here are some great resources for Vista deployment, specifically to network deployment take a look at BDD and the WAIK:

Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! Thank you to everyone that attended the launch events across the nation! Personally I want

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! Thank you to everyone that attended the launch events across the nation! Personally I want

  3. Steven says:

    Matt,  In behalf of the 510 that attended… THANK YOU !!  Your presentation was superior!

    Your insight and advice is most appreicated, and you demystified many components making it meaningful, useful and kool.


  4. Matt Hester says:

    Thank you very much Steven!  I am very glad you enjoyed the presentation!  Presenting in Hawaii was my honor and I had a lot of fun!  Mahalo!

  5. thomas says:

    The BEST presentation I have seen!

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