Windows Vista ISO download and burn issue

Paulie, one of regular folks that usually sees me in Cincinnati mentioned to me that there was a problem with the download of Windows Vista ISO from the Technet or MSDN sites.  There seems to be a  problem that happens when you burn Vista from the downloaded ISO. 

Here’s what happens:

  1. You download the Vista ISO (TechNet, MSDN, wherever)
  2. You burn the DVD at the default speed
  3. You commence the Vista installation, either Upgrade or Clean (got the same error on both), and everything seems to startup just fine. You can enter the Product Key, click your choices or defaults, etc, and the installation begins.
  4. The white box appears that shows the progress. “Copying files” succeeds to 100%.
  5. Next step is “Expanding Files”… it sits at 0% for a while, then an error pops up, usually stating a Memory Reference error.

Apparently there are many folks with the same issue, on both Beta versions and the release version.

The fix: simply burn the ISO to DVD at 1X speed.  This seems to fix the issue

Huge thanks to Paulie and his son for the fix. Thanks!

If anyone has any updates to this one let me know!

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