Painless Data Protection: Webcast (02-07-2007)

Good afternoon all my Data Protectors!

Thank you for attending the webcast on painless data protection to avoid painful data loss. We talked a lot about several different technologies. Data Protection Manager is one of my favorite and there a lot of good thinks below.

To watch a replay of the webcast: Painless Data Protection

I had an actually done this web cast before and had a lot of great questions.
Take a look here for the webcast I did on October: Painless Data Protection: Webcast (10-18-2006)

Without any more delay here are the questions.  Please comment or email if you need more information.

Question: How do you enable shadow copy for DPM?
Answer: Enabling shadow copy for DPM is actually straight forward, when you install the agent for DPM on the target server it will automatically enable and configure the shadow copy service on the servers.

Question: Is there upgrade from Windows Storage Server 2003 to 2003 R2?
Answer: I actually answered this question incorrectly on the web cast. I was not thinking that Storage Server is only available via OEM. So this is not an upgrade you can perform. Your NAS device manufacturer, also known as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), installs, pre-configures, and may customize the Microsoft software for your specific system and is, therefore, the best resource for technical support and updates/upgrades.

Question: Is the DPM licenses free?
Answer: No, it is a licensed product. More information here:

Question: How does DPM work when you turn on Allow User Recovery vs VSS User Recovery? Is there still disk space being used on the application server for shadow copies or are recover file requests redirected to the DPM server?
Answer: The local agent will take a look here for more on DPM: DPM Technical Whitepaper

Question: When DPM v2 will be released?
Answer: Keep an eye on this page to get the official date; they have not announced it yet:
Right now here is the tentative release schedule from the FAQ:

  • DPM V2 Public Beta 1- Initial public beta release (September 2006)
  • DPM V2 Public Beta 2- Final public beta release (H1 2007)
  • DPM V2 Public Release- Public release of DPM V2 (H2 2007)
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