How to avoid crying and a big told ya so for only $49.99!

A few months ago I went to my Xbox 360 and turned it on and saw red lights.   For those of you un-familiar with Xbox 360 the lights, affectionately called the ring of light, are supposed to be green.  

Green Good...Red Bad

So being a good techie, I held my breath said a little prayer and turned the Xbox back on and with a big sigh the ring of light was green again.  I continued to defend the universe from the 10 year old kid across the street, and during universal defense I forgot about the red light.  As I slept that night I had visions of dual wielding machine guns and plasma grenades dancing in my head.  I jumped out of my bed the next morning and went to my 360 and to my sadness the red lights came back and would not go away after numerous prayers, power offs, and even a few choice colorful metaphors.  So being a dutiful IT pro, I decided to do a search on red lights ring of light and sure enough it turns out there are KB articles written on the subject.

After following the KB it seemed to fix to problem, but came back later that day.  As you could imagine, I started to cry and imagined my lovely wife reminding of the cost of the Xbox (remember she did name my Xbox TV Maui: Why My Xbox TV is named Maui).  Before the tears started, I had a moment of questioning joy.  Did I buy the $49.99 warranty? All I had to do was find the receipt.   After a few hours searching, I found the receipt, looked closely and a big cheer was heard coming from my office.  I had bought the warranty! I was going to be able to defend the universe! Huzzah!

This was immediately followed by a moment of dread.  What about all my saved games? I am going to have to start over; specifically I would have to start over the 60 years of NCAA football... major bummer.  So I got into my car and headed to the store.  To my amazement, the kind folks behind the counter had a 360 and I was able to keep my own hard drive back.  Huzzah!

Lessons learned:

  1. If you play a lot of Xbox 360, lay your XBOX 360 flat and not vertically. 
  2. Make sure you keep your Xbox 360 well ventilated.
  3. Do not let your significant other see you cry over the red lights, and definetly do not let them see the receipt.

Lastly, spend the $49.99 and protect your 360, because it is dangerous out there in the universe.  🙂

Comments (6)

  1. Jake Ballard says:

    The first week i had mine I got the red lights several times. The I put in on a UPS and haven’t had a single one since, and it’s been over a year. I belive that it is tempermental to power fluctuations, like most computers. Maybe not your issue, but it has worked for me.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    Another tip, COSTCO.

  3. Richard says:

    How’s Life?

     What’s with the playing the xbox FLAT?

    Thank you for your support,



  4. Matt Hester says:

    Wow, I never thought of using a UPS, I will try that if it happens again and I hope it does not.  Thanks Jake!  Costco, offers a great warranty program for those of you have bought gear from there.

  5. Matt Hester says:


    Laying well used xbox’s flat helps extend life and actually is a good thing given the nature of the spinning drive.  I also heard of horror stories where somebody bumped a a vertical xbox while a game was playing and the game DVD fell into the xbox while spinning, ruining the xbox and the game.  Just some advice.  🙂  see you in March!

  6. Zer0kbps says:

    another good idea, is to jack your 360 up ona  few game boxes, this allows a little extra airflow in to the box, dont put it in a cabinet unless like me you fitted fans to the cabinet to suck all that heat out.

    Its likley this elite version will have a better die process making the cpu run cooler.

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