Memphis and Nashville, TN: LAUNCH (1/16/2007 and 1/18/2007)

Good DAY Memphis and Nashville! First off THANK YOU for coming to launch! I had a great time and I hope everyone really enjoyed the events! We had a little almost 1000 (974 to be exact!) Tennessee IT Professionals combined! What a phenomenal turn out, and again thank you Memphis and Nashville!

As sometimes is the case I will combine the set of questions from both events to save space. I cannot thank you enough for asking such great questions and I expect the next time I am in town you continue to challenge me and ask a lot of questions!

Without further ado here are the questions and answers from the shows. Please comment if I missed any or if you need more information.

Again Thank You to both to Memphis and Nashville to making the first week of launch events go FANTASTIC!

Q: Where is the download for the Office 2007 add-in for Office 2003?

Q: How does the Office converter handle permissions?
I cannot find any definitive documentation to prove this or find this out. So I did an experiment and found that the converter appears to run at the permission of the user logged on to the system when the ofc.exe is run. When I did my experiment I logged in as administrator and I did not have permission to the document. The document did not convert. However as an administrator you can always take ownership of the files to convert them and then take the permissions away.

Q: How will Office mobile applications handle Office 2007 documents, will there be an upgrade?
received word from Microsoft's Mobile division that they will post an update by the middle of 2007 for support of the new XML file formats for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. Crossbow devices, aka Windows Mobile 6, will include support for these file formats as these new devices are not scheduled to start rolling out until mid next year. A public beta of the update is planned for the 2nd quarter of next year.

Q: When will they stop selling XP? What is the support policy for Windows XP?
When Windows Vista hits the official Microsoft price sheet is when you will no longer be able to purchase XP. For business that was Jan. 16th. However customers will still have the right to downgrade to the current version… For consumer that will be the end of the month. The support Windows XP however will continue

Q: How do you merge about two contact list in Microsoft Outlook?
What I would recommend is going into the list that is the “secondary” list and you can export the list into a .csv file. Then go into the outlook that will be your primary moving forward and use the import menu option and when you are bringing the list in it will give you a choice on how to handle duplicate entries.

Q: Do the tools check the space required for conversion?
Yes, this is one of the issues that will come is space required. You can view the report in the Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM) reports.

Q: Where do I learn more about the decision to go all 64-bit for Exchange 2007?
The interview was done by a teammate of mine, Michael Murphy.  It is located here:

Q: What are the main differences between Exchange 2007 Standard and Exchange 2007 Enterprise?
There are a few differences between standard and enterprise. For example standard can 5 unlimited stores while enterprise can have 50 unlimited stores. Enterprise also has support for log shipping via local continuous replication and clustered continuous replication. For a list of all the differences take a look here: .

Q: Is there a telnet capability in Windows Vista?
Yes, if you have install the client and/or server capability. If you go to Control Panel, go to Programs. Select “Windows features" and it is a component you can install.

Q: What are the protocol and port requirements for the ForeFront Client?
Right now I cannot find a definite list off the required ports, I did find a great beta guide (link is below), the documentation is still being built. Right now for the beta it recommends opening ports for the apps you need. Remember with forefront it is a combination of technologies and some will require more, but keep in touch with that guide and hopefully it will have some more specific details soon:

Q: Where can I learn more about Business Desktop Deployment and how it will work?
The BDD is a process and guided methodology to help you deploy your company’s software. You can learn more about its features here:

Q: How for you configure Microsoft Office 2007 save features?
You can configure all of the default settings for saving documents via group policy! This is a very convenient way to work with the environments. You can learn more here: These settings are all in the Office 2007 administrative templates, the templates can be downloaded here:

Q: How does Microsoft Office 2007 convert and provide compatibility with other products like WordPerfect or Microsoft works?
You can learn more about how to handle those other formats here:

Q: How do you view the raw XML for the new Microsoft Office 2007 document format?
: Thanks to the person from the audience you let me know this tip. If you rename the a Office 200 document with an extension that ends in x with a .zip extension you will be able to see the raw XML. Very Cool!

Q: What is a good blog for more about PowerShell?
The PowerShell guy is a great place to start:

Q; Can you in-place upgrade Windows Media Center for XP 2005 to Windows Vista?
Yes, but only with Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate.

Q: Can you publish an Exchange Calendar to SharPoint?
Yes, there are Exchange web parts that allow you to accomplish this. Take a look at this article here: The article is for 2003 but I would imagine it will still work fine for 2007.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was looking around at my team’s blogs and I see Matt Hester has posted some questions and their answers

  2. Anne Stanton says:

    Thanks Matt for taking the time to get these up to your blog! You reached our tiny state of Vermont.

  3. //o// says:

    Hi Matt,

    You reached the Netherlands also ;-),

    thanks for recommending my blog about PowerShell.

    Greetings //o//

  4. Matt Hester says:

    Fantastic Anne!  I am glad I got all the way to Vermont.  It looks like my message kept going East and reached the Netherlands!  🙂  I do not know if he remembers me but we met at TechEd in Boston, I did an ask the exper booth on PowerShell and he answered most of the questions.  🙂

  5. Beverly Cherry says:

    I attended the Nashville event last week. I believe you said your powerpoint would be available so we could check out some of the links. Where would I find that? Thanks.

  6. Matt Hester says:

    Good evening Beverly,

    Here is where you can find the slides for the session:

    Take a look at the section that states Microsoft Across America

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! Thank you to everyone that attended the launch events across the nation! Personally I want

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