Want Some Microsoft L-O-V-E?

We all want some L-O-V-E!!! (Warning: high cheese factor to follow!)

L is for LAUNCH! I do not know if you have heard but we are having these “little" events in January launching:?

O is for Microsoft Office System 2007

V is for Windows Vista

E is for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

That’s right folks! Microsoft Across America is coming to your town to talk about the most exciting product launch in our industry and Microsoft’s history! The launch events are going to be a lot of fun and free! They are also going to be all day, so check out the main launch page.

So what I am a going to be talk about? I will be delivering the Microsoft Across America Launch Event – IT Professional Track.
This session will befocusing on:

  • The new management features and operational efficiencies in Windows Vista that can help your IT department save money.
  • The installation options for Exchange Server 2007.
  • How to secure your computing infrastructure against malware threats with Windows Vista, Network Access Protection, Exchange Hosted Services, Antigen, Outlook,® and Forefront Client.

Where am I going to be?

What if my city is not listed?  Not to worry click here to find all the city nearest to you: http://technetevents.com/mhester 

Better yet folks….Make a full day of it!

The Microsoft Across America Launch Event is a full day event with tracks* for partners, small businesses, developers and IT executives. Visit the Launch Event home page for more information.

Register now!!! Space is limited and we are expected to fill the rooms!! Get ready for a new day!

Comments (7)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good day everyone! I apologize for the delay in getting this posting so late. Preparation and delivery

  2. Hi Matt:

    It looks like they really have you fully engaged with the launch events. I’m registered for the Seattle event on February 26th so I have a bit of a wait.

    In the meantime, I watched your “Integrating the Business Data Catalog and Business Applications Using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007” webcast on demand. Amazing!

    When I finished I went to http://www.microsoft.com/technet/traincert/virtuallab/sps.mspx to see if I could do a virtual lab. It looks like they don’t have one up yet.

    I then went to http://www.microsoft.com/technet/community/events/moss2007/dsk-111.mspx and downloaded the Full Session. I installed it but it looks rather complicated to use. I decided to use that link on the Q&A slide at the end of most of the presentations to suggest a webcast on how to make the most out of an ITPRO DSK Full Session install. I won’t go into the details, but if you haven’t followed that link in the past, try it now and see how you enjoy that user experience!

    In any event, I wanted to know that you did a great job in that webcast and that I have registered for your February 16th webcast on TechNet Webcast: Why Deploy Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)? (Level 200).

    While I was here, I figured I’d let you know that a webcast in the future on the use of the DSK’s would be great too.

    Enjoy the rest of your launch events.

  3. Linda Moore says:

    What is the URL for the comparison of the different versions of Office 2007?

    Matt, I really like your blog.


  4. Matt Hester says:

    Good evening Robert,

    Let me know how Seattle goes and have a lot of fun!  I will see you on the 16th.  I am sorry about the other website.  Drop me a line and how to fix it and I will get it to the right people.  thanks for support Technet!

  5. Matt Hester says:

    I am gld you like the blog, it is for all the IT Pro’s out there.  Here is a web site for the different versions: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/suites/FX101635841033.aspx

  6. Maury says:

    My name is Maury and I work for Microsoft on the TechEd event. I generally read IT blogs to keep up with what is going on in the industry and decided to jump on in with a little plug for TechEd 2007 (June 4 – 8). This year we’ve dedicated 50% of the event content to IT Pro specific topics. The sessions are taught by Microsoft IT Professionals who can relate to you because they face the same issues you face on a daily basis. This is also a great place to evaluate the newest software from Microsoft like Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, the 2007 Microsoft Office System, Windows Vista, Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007, and Windows Server code name "Longhorn." (Yes, it’s finally coming out – promise!) The incredible amount of information you can learn at TechEd is awesome but it is also an incredible place to network and let loose a little. The event is in Orlando, FL this year so the attendee party is at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure and the place is reserved for TechEd attendees only! Trust me, these parties are a blast. If you decide to go you should register now before it sells out like it did last year…we are also offering a bit of an incentive, all registrations before May 11th are entered to win either 1 of 5 Xbox 360 Elites (killer graphics) or 1 of 5 Amex gift cards (Disney ain’t cheap!) http://www.microsoft.com/teched

  7. oyun says:


    I am gld you like the blog, it is for all the IT Pro’s out there.  Here is a web site for the different versions: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/suites/FX101635841033.aspx

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