How in the world do video game costs get so high?

I was poking around the net the other day and I saw this interesting article at Forbes: Why Gears Of War Costs $60.   I was instantly intrigued, not only is GOW a simply fantastic game but also by how to costs get so high.  Obviously you do have to pay the artists’ and developers that make such a great product, but that only amounts to about 1/2 of the cost of a typical video game.  So where does the other 50% percent come from?  This article goes into take a look at the economics of the video game industry in general.  If you are a gamer like me, you will find this article interesting, check it out: Why Gears Of War Costs $60.

BTW if you need a GOW butt whooping online …that is free of charge.   hehe  See you online!

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