Memphis and Nashville, TN: The Ultimate Pit Stop (12/12/2006 and 12/14/2006)

Good evening Memphis and Nashville! 

I had such a great time last week in TN!  In fact I had so much fun I am COMING BACK!  I will be back in town in TN on January 16th and January 18th in Memphis and Nashville respectively!  This time will be slightly different it will be LAUNCH time!  Count it down!   We will have a jammed packed session and I have to tell you folks I am very excited.  As for the locations, in Memphis we will be at Memphis Marriott at 2625 Thousand Oaks Boulevard.  In Nashville we will be at Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center.  This is a great time for you, the industry and Microsoft, and I hope you will come out and join us.  To learn more about the launch events click here:

So on to real work of this post, the questions and answers from the event.  When I deliver live events I get the same set of questions in both cities I travel too.  In this case, not only did I get a lot of questions there was a lot of duplication in the question.  So instead of two separate entries.  I decided to put together one for both events.

So without further ado here are the questions and answers from the shows.  Please comment if I missed any or if you need more information.  

Have a GREAT holiday season and Merry Christmas!

Q: What version of Exchange 2007 can you use for deploying the edge role services?
The edge server role can be deployed with either Exchange 2007 standard or enterprise.

Q: Can you remove the domain administrators group from local administrator group on a client PC?
This is an option that I really do not recommend; the amount of functionality that it removes does not warrant this. In fact there is a good KB on how to prevent this from happening:

Q: When deploying Windows Vista is there a difference with the 64-bit version?
Yes, there is only really one difference the media. J Past that deploying Windows Vista will be done the same way. There was a great article in TechNet magazine: . Also as an added bonus Windows Vista deployment will be one of the topics we discuss at the launch event. We will be in Memphis on the 1/16/2006 and Nashville 1/18/2007. Click here to learn more about the launch events in your city:

Q: What is the difference between Exchange 2007 standard and Exchange 2007 enterprise?
There are a few differences between standard and enterprise. For example standard can 5 unlimited stores while enterprise can have 50 unlimited stores. Enterprise also has support for log shipping via local continuous replication and clustered continuous replication. For a list of all the differences take a look here:

Q: Can you deploy Exchange 2003 on the edge?
For an Exchange 2007 organization no. An Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2000 front-end server cannot provide access to an Exchange 2007 Mailbox server.

Q: Can you use Skype to leverage the Outlook Voice Access in Unified Messaging?
My understanding of Skype is that it is just a Internet phone service, so I see no reason why the Outlook Voice Access piece will not work with Exchange Unified Messaging as long as your PBX/VOIP system supported Skype to be able to call in.

Q: Does the Exchange edge services support Multiple-languages?
Yes, the Exchange edge service does have multiple language support. Here is a great website outlining all the languages supported by Exchange Server 2007: and here:

Q: How do you upgrade Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2007?
This is not a direct migration you first have to upgrade Exchange 5.5 to either Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003. Take a look here for more guidance:

Q: Where can I find some online Exchange 2007 documentation?
The TechNet TechCenter has some great information, you can find it here:

Q: Can you turn off the Exchange 2007 Outlook Web Access feature that allows you to change the domain password that is on by default?
This is actually done with a Exchange Management Shell cmdlet. The cmdlet is Set-OwaVirtualDirectory . It has an optional parameter called –ChangePasswordEnabled. This setting determines whether users can change their password from within Outlook Web Access. To learn more about this cmdlet take a look here:

Q: How does the publishing of the Outlook 2007 spam list to the Edge services work?
In Exchange 2007 this is called safe-list aggregation. This allows Outlook to publish its list to the edge server role. Outlook 2003 and Office 2007 will offer support for this feature. Take a look here for more information:

Q: Can you move the Exchange administrator groups in Exchange 2007?
You still have to leave those groups alone. Do not move Exchange 2007 servers out of Exchange Administrative Group and do not rename Exchange Administrative Group by using a low-level directory editor. Exchange 2007 must use this administrative group for configuration data storage. We do not support moving Exchange 2007 servers out of Exchange Administrative Group or renaming of Exchange Administrative Group.

Q: Where is some good documentation on the Windows Vista activation services?
There is a great technical guidance document posted here: Windows Vista Volume Activation 2.0 Technical Guidance. Specifically I was asked will it work with VPN and KMS? YES. In fact if by chance if the system gets put into reduced functionality mode, the client will attempt to connect to a KMS host five minutes after establishing a VPN connection.
Also Keith Combs one of my teammates posted about this here:

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  1. jtdennis says:


    Thanks for doing the additional research and answering my question (removing domain admins). I have another question about KMS if you don’t mind. I work at a university and we offer dialup internet access to students, faculty and staff. The faculty and staff dial a different number and it also allows (very slow) access to the LAN. I know KMS works over a VPN, but would KMS activation also work over this? We’re still a few months out from having a VPN solution in place and I’m trying to figure out how to handle off campus installs without dealing with a ton of MAK keys going out.


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