SharePoint Search Technical Drill Down: Webcast (12-13-2006)

Good afternoon all my Spock, in SEARCH of answers folks! J

I want to thank you for attending my webcast on Search and thank you to Blain Barton for helping out with Q/A. As we talked about the new search capabilities were very easy and very powerful…and remember all of the demos you saw required NO LINES OF CODE!

To watch a replay of the webcast click here: An In-Depth Look at Search Technology in Office SharePoint Server 2007

Also as a FYI keep a look out for the January issue of TechNet Magazine. There will be an article on search written by yours truly. J

Here are the questions and answers from the web cast please comment if I missed any or if you need more information!

Question: Are there any changes in the SharePoint search thesaurus from version 2003 to 2007?
Answer: This is all that I could find, check it out:

Question: How can you have to prevent deletion of files that have been put on legal hold?
Answer: Make them READ ONLY on the share, check out:

Question: Can the iFilters available for desktop search (WDS) be used with MOSS 2007?
Answer: Yes, the iFilters that are created for WDS can be re-used. A limited set of IFilters to search content in certain formats are included with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. Other IFilters are available through other distributors. Check out:

Question: Is there an audit trail?
Answer: Yes, Auditing Logs events and operations performed on documents. In the context of records management, this is useful to record who is viewing and accessing information in the Records Center site. Check out:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for spending time with me on the webcast to get an overview Search in Microsoft SharePoint

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good Afternoon all my search gurus! Thank you for spending time with me on the webcast to get an overview

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