Coming To Lexington and Dayton Next week and bringing a 360!

Good evening my Xbox 360...I meant to say everyone.  I am traveling to Lexington and Dayton next week for my live events focusing on Xbox 360, oops I meant to say Active Directory and Exchange Server 360, err 2007.  🙂

I have a quite a busy week, in addition to the TechNet events, I will be working with 3 user groups.  I will be working with the Lexington Small Business Server group.  I will also  be speaking at two User Groups in Dayton:

Wed Evening: I will speaking again at DANPA: To find out where click here:

Thursday Evening:  I will be speaking at the SOEUG in Dayton, click here to register: 

So come out and see us at these great user groups!

Also as a reminder, we have exciting events planned and you can read about them in a prior Xbox, err I mean a prior post located here: 

I also should mention, and I may have earlier and just in time for the holidays, we will be raffling off one of the following at each event:



To win the 360, all you have to do is attend a TechNet Event between October 31, 2006, and December 14, 2006, and submit a completed Evaluation Form to be entered into a drawing which will occur at the end of the TechNet event.  Must be present to win! 

So I will see you soon!

What do you think about that?

Comments (2)

  1. Seann says:

    Will windows vista beta be available for download again?

  2. Matt Hester says:

    I do not know, when the products go to rtm traditionally the betas are not supported anymore.  I do know RTM bits are on the TechNet and MSDN subscription sites.

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