Where is Matt headed to next?

Or should I say where do I get to visit this week? I have been doing a lot of travel since the beginning of Oct and I will be pretty much non-stop until close to the end of the year. So where am I headed to next? We have just started our TechNet events and I am back on the road. We have some great content and one more quarter to go before launch! In fact last week I talked with a great group of folks from Indianapolis, you can see their questions here: Indianapolis Event

You can learn more about the sessions and what we are going to be covering by clicking here: http://www.technetevents.com/mhester . We will be covering Exchange 2007 and Active Directory and based on time at the event there is an option for a …third BONUS session (you have to attend to see what that will be). J Additionally, I will need some help during the show, so bring your IT skills. J

Here is a summary for the two main topics:

  • Message Security, Compliance and Message Protection with Exchange Server 2007
    Your e-mail system is constantly being bombarded with unwanted and undesirable messages, and as a messaging administrator, it's your job to keep the system as clean as possible. Keeping e-mail secure while in transit is enough to keep you up at night, especially while potentially sensitive messages are traveling through your organization or moving to other organizations across un-trusted networks including the Internet. We will take a look at how Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 changes the game to address all these concerns with policies and powerful new functionalities that are simple to set up and easy to administer.


  • Harness the Power of Active Directory
    Who doesn't need more power and control? We will discuss how to secure your Active Directory database while taking advantage of the power and control functions. One of the main topics: Group Policy! Group policy gives great control features and we will detail the inner workings of both the group policy and ADM templates. We will also talk about the Windows Vista group policy enhancements, which the new platform will provide to you

For more detailed event descriptions click here: http://www.technetevents.com/mhester

Here are the dates and cities I will be at with the direct registration links:

So come out and see me and we will have a great time, as times get closer to the weeks I will let you know what other activities I will be doing while I am the cities, lots of User Groups and Campus events planned, and even a visit to see the Browns!.

I hope to see you soon!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good evening my Xbox 360…I meant to say everyone. I am traveling to Lexington and Dayton next week

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