Integrating the Business Data Catalog and Business Applications Using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: Webcast (10-20-2006)

Good afternoon all of Business Data integrators! J

Thank you to everyone who attended my web cast on the BDC in MOSS 2007, translated that means: The Business Data Catalog in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. J

A special thanks to Chris Avis for helping out with questions you kept him busy. Before I get to the questions, here are some good resources for you:

To watch a stream of the web cast click here: Integrating the Business Data Catalog and Business Applications Using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

Fantastic SharePoint Blog: Arpan Shahs Blog:

Some virtual labs on MOSS 2007:

Without any more delay here are the questions.  Please comment or email if you need more information.

Question: How do you create the application definition file?
Answer: There are a couple of resources that you can find this information at:

The MSDN web site: has some great information. Also please check out this MVP's blog for even for more information.

For the example of the XML file I used for Adventureworks take a look here:

Question: Can You Build a Performance Dash Board without using the BSM (Bus, Score Card Sever with SharePoint with this feature today?
Answer: Through the MSDN and SharePoint sites, we expose the SharePoint development environment. You can develop your own solution using those tools if you wish.

Question: Can you create the app definiton file (xml) for a database from SSRS?
Answer: I don't believe you can directly but you could do this with a query to SQL.

Question: Can the BDC go against an Oracle Database?
Answer: In a sense we really are not going against the database but the application, although I am not sure if you could create the XML file that would work properly.

Question: Are there VPC images available for download that have a configured OFFICE 2007 server with Office SharePoint 2007 and a client with all the Office 2007 client tools installed?
Answer: No they are not, but there are some virtual labs on MOSS 2007, you can find them here:

Question: My Site's search box only shows "This Site" as a context, not "All Sites".
Answer: That should be a default scope (presuming you have multiple sites), take a look here for more information:

Question: Is Business Data Catalog a default feature of MOSS 2007, or is it an add-in?
Answer: It ships with MOSS --

Question: Can BDC be used to connect to SharePoint Web Services (lists.asmx) to get data from SharePoint lists to display in a BD web part on another SharePoint site? (Since SharePoint doesn't allow sharing lists across sites)
Answer: I was unable to find any information on this one, I would take a look at Arpan Shah's blog mentioned above.

Question: Does adding data to custom list also add the data back into the database it came from?
Answer: No, that is were you will set the actions up for the items and to put data back in the database you will do one of two ways, either with an action that redirects you the application or with an InfoPath form.

Question: Can an entity consist of multiple database tables or is there a one to one mapping
Answer: Yes. To make a crawled property available for the Search experience, you must map it to a managed property. Mapping the crawled properties to managed properties makes them available for Search queries and makes them appear in Advanced Search and search results. You can map multiple crawled properties to a single managed property or map a single crawled property to multiple managed properties. If a managed property has multiple crawled properties mapped to it, and a document contains values for more than one of the crawled properties, the order in which the properties are mapped and their priority determine the managed property's value... "

In search settings, click on Meta Property Mappings then, on the left hand menu you can switch between viewing managed properties and crawled properties.

So go through and create Managed Properties, and associate them to crawled properties detected when crawling your BDC. What's cool is that DataTypes are recgonised ! So if you define an integer or boolean or datetime as an attribute of a BDC entity, you create a managed property of that type. A cool feature is the ability to map more than one crawled property to a managed property.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good afternoon all my Business Data Catalog enthusiasts! Thank you for attending my webcast on talking

  2. Anonymous says:

    Posts by Daniel Larson ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 RC SharePoint AJAX Part 2: Web Services (redux for Atlas RC/RTM)…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good evening all of my Business Data Integrators! Thank your attending my webcast on working with the

  4. vani says:


    How is the following task achieved using BDC,

    Excel spreadsheet drawing data directly from SAP via MOSS 2007 BDC.

      Anticipating a positive response.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Matt Hester says:

    Good evening Vani,

    I am not sure that leveraging the BDC is the best method to accomplish this depending on what you really want to accomplish. When you bring data in with BDC (there is a BDC list web part) you can select to export the data to Excel.  

    What I would recommend in addition to that is to tie excel directly to SAP, take a look here for suggestions:

  6. Anonymous says:

    Some nice new links Posts by Daniel Larson ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 RC SharePoint AJAX Part 2: Web Services

  7. Gina3 says:

    "When you bring data in with BDC (there is a BDC list web part) you can select to export the data to Excel."

    Can you explain how this can be done? When I use the "Export…" feature in my BDC list web part, it tries to export .webpart file, not .xls file.

  8. K. Amith Kumar says:


    I am new to share point. I want to create the LOB of <server>/_vti_bin/Lists.asmx and access one of the list column in another list using BDC. I am using BDC Definition Editor, but even this tool is new and have no idea how to create a LOB from this tool. Please help me.

  9. Shashwat says:


    Can you tell me how the Crawl Properties get generated for BDC?

    Is it when we do full crawl on BDC or we need to generate it?

    Please mail me.



  10. Chetan says:

    If anyone who’s exported BDC list data to Excel can provide pointers, that be great! Gina, were you able to accomplish this? Any negatives?

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