Introduction to Terminal Services in Windows Server Code-Named "Longhorn": Webcast (9-21-2006)

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I apologize for the delay in getting this Q/A posted. Here are questions from the web cast as well as some resources. Here is the home page for Longhorn Terminal services:

Longhorn product guide:

Here is a recording of the web cast, this recording has demos:
Introduction to Terminal Services in Windows Server Code-Named "Longhorn"

Here is the recording I did:
Longhorn Webcast with no demos

Here are the questions and please comment if I missed anything:

Question: So are you saying that you can not copy a file in to the TS?
Answer: Yes, this really has a lot to do with how TS works in longhorn. Instead of being presented to the user in the desktop of the remote terminal server, the remote program is integrated with the client's desktop, running in its own resizable window with its own entry in the taskbar. If the program uses a notification area icon, this icon appears in the client's notification area. Popup windows are redirected to the local desktop. Local drives and printers can be redirected to appear in the remote program. Many users might not be aware that the remote program is any different than a local program.

Question: Do you know if the "Cougar" version of SBS will include this?
Answer: I do not know, and I was unable to find anything public or private on this.

Question: Does Longhorn TS support scanning devices?
Answer: Depends on the device but this will be the same issue as USB printers and drivers.

Question: What do you know about USB printer's support?
Answer: Hopefully with the new driver redirection this will get better.

Question: How will Softgrid be integrated in Longhorn. Or will it be a separate product, looks like this time product version 4
Answer: I am not sure how this will look, here is the press announcement:

Question: Will Longhorn TS support redirecting printing to an all-in-one printer?
Answer: Again, this really depends on the drivers, this is something that should work fine with the new redirection.

Question: What amount of memory is recommended for Longhorn TS?
Answer: this is really too early to get specifics for Longhorn servers. However, generally speaking in regards to this, my answer will be the same…depends. Depends on applications, users, workload..etc. As we get closer to Longhorn going gold, I will post more.

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