Correction for Branch Office Solutions in Windows Server 2003 R2 web cast.

Good afternoon everyone,

I want to make a quick correction to an entry titled: Branch Office Solutions in Windows Server 2003 R2: Webcast (5-19-2006).   On the web cast I had this question:

Question: Do you have any comparison between DFS-R in R2 with Riverbed's WADS or other vendors' WAFS?
Answer:  Unfortunately I am not very familiar with that 3rd party applications.  Thanks to Jeremy I was able to do a little research on those vendors, and based on what I saw they were down at the hardware level.  So in a sense they would help improve overall traffic. 

At the time I had very little information on Riverbed and how it relates to Microsoft.  Well it was brought to my attention that we actually have a KB (published in June) that talks about 3rd party products and DFS.  Specifically, we do not support 3rd party WAN optimizers and DFS, and in some instances this can cause some issues.   The actual KB is here:

The Full Q/A from that web cast is located here: 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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