What Is Infrastructure Optimization, and Why Should You Care?: Webcast (9-6-2006)

Thank you for everyone who attended part 1 of the 10-part webcast series designed to help YOU take control of your complex IT Infrastructures.   The series is called "Agility Now".   You can learn more about the series here: Agility Now: Take Control of Your IT Infrastructure

In a nutshell, the series is designed to help IT organizations gain control of your ever growing complexity.
IT organizations have become more geographically dispersed and individual roles more specialized. Some IT professionals have found it increasingly difficult to collaborate across roles and conduct typical management and maintenance tasks in areas such as deployment, user management, messaging, and security. If this is your experience, tune in to these webcasts to learn steps you can take to grow your IT organization into a more integrated and flexible system.  

Part 1 was primer to help set the stage for other parts of the series.    I want to thank John Weston for his help with questions in part 1.

You can watch the web cast here:  What Is Infrastructure Optimization, and Why Should You Care?

Here are the questions:

Question: Do you have a script to check how many emails per day my Ex2003 server received? MOM 2005 is not a solution for me just for this task.
http://www.microsoft.com/technet/scriptcenter/scripts/message/default.mspx?mfr=true  is best place for scripts for exchange

Question: Are there hard-number case studies on the Rationalized model? IT savings are generally projected cost-avoidance, which while valid and legitimate, are also hard to sell to management.
Answer: I don't have specific case studies in front of me, but you might find this site as helpful to sell to management:

Happy optimization!


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    Good day all my data protectors! Thank you for attending the web cast on the painless data protection,

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