Cleveland and Columbus, OH Questions and Answers: Gear Up for New Solutions (8-22-2006 and 8-24-2006)

Good day all Cleveland and Columbus!    I really had a great time talking about the future of Microsoft products.  The conversations we had in both cities was fantastic and I look forward to coming back to town!   After I got back home, I noticed the question from both events were very similar so I combined them into  blog post.


You had some great questions and without any further delay here they are.


If you have any more questions, please comment and let me know what you think!


Q:  Where can I learn more about the parental controls in Windows Vista?

A:  You can learn more about the new tools here:

However, I would recommend that you go see the controls in action, go visit my good buddy Chris Henley’s blog:


Q:  Can you sync notes using ActiveSync to your mobile phones?

A:  Yes and no.  J  With always up to date syncing no you cannot (i.e. over the air), however when you are in the cradle or using a syncing cable, notes can be synced.


Q:  What versions of Windows Vista have the new event viewer?

A: Yes, you can learn more about the new tool here:


Q: Where can I learn more about PowerShell (formerly MONAD)?

A: Power Shell is the next generation of Windows scripting and is extremely powerful!  There a lot of great resources located here on Power Shell:


Q: What information is out there for Exchange 2007 and Small Business Server (SBS)?

A:  While I have no time frames, Exchange Server 2007 will be an integral part of the "Longhorn" (code name for the next Windows release) version of Small Business Server (SBS) and the recently announced "Centro" mid-market server offering. SBS and Centro are expected to be released six to twelve months following the release of Microsoft Windows Vista.


Q: Where can hear more about the decision to release Exchange 2007 only in 64 bit?

A:  There is a great FAQ located here:  However,  I would recommend that you go visit Michael Murphy’s blog and check out the interview with the Exchange GM, Terry Myerson:


Q: Can you have an Exchange 2007 Edge server with an Exchange 2003 back end Server?

A:  Yes.  The documentation is still in writing but there is some information here:


Q: What are the system requirements for Windows Vista?

A:  There is some great guidance here:  My buddy Keith has a great post on the performance of our new laptops:


Q: Where can I learn more about the TV show that was about Katrina and the Red Cross?

A:  I posted an entry about this some time ago, you can learn more about the show here:

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