Visit with MITPUG on August 9th

Good morning MITPUG!

I am sorry for posting this so late, but I first want to Thank you all for allowing to come and speak to everyone on the 9th, I had a lot of fun and I look forward to coming back to visit!  Folks if you are in the Michiana and South Bend area check them out:

You asked some questions and without any further delay here go:

If I missed any let me know and please comment!

p.s. my co-workers loved the Vader video.  J

Q:  What is the new API set in vista to program in the GUI?

A:   This is the question I gave myself, if you are a developer you use a API set called Windows Presentation Foundation and it allows you to work directly with the Windows Vista Display Driver Model (WDDM).  You can learn more here:


Q: How does Vista work with mobile devices like PocketPC?

A:  Microsoft Windows Vista has a great new enhancement for mobile devices.  One is the mobile device center, the center is the new version of ActiveSync.  You can learn more here:


Q: Here is a show that I helped to produce:



Q: Where can I get the banned Xbox commercial?

A:  I blogged about the commercial here: Fantastic visit with Dayton Network Professional Association (DANPA) on August 3rd!

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  1. Dustin Hannifin says:

    Thanks for the great MITPUG comments.  Sadly I had to miss last months meeting due to a prior engagement.  However the folks told me it was a blast.  MITPUG welcomes you back anytime.

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