Fantastic visit with Dayton Network Professional Association (DANPA) on August 3rd!

Good afternoon DANPA!


THANK YOU, for such a great welcome back to Dayton, 55 members that is awesome!  It was great seeing everyone at the User Group on the 3rd and I sorry it has taken so long to get this Q/A log up on my blog but as you can see this has a lot of good questions!  Plus I just got a new laptop and I have been traveling quite a bit! 


As I have mentioned in the past you guys at DANPA always blow me away and I am extremely lucky to be able to work with an excellent set of folks like yourselves!  Folks if you are in the Dayton area and you are not a member of DANPA, check them out they are most excellent:


I look forward to coming back to town!


So without any adieu here goes…BTW GO BROWNS! 


Please comment if you have any further questions or if I missed any



Q:  Is the Local Continuous Replication (LCR) or Clustered Continuous replication (CCR) active/passive only?

A:  Yes, this is an active/passive solution.  With that said, how awesome is it to be able to finally replicate Exchange databases!  Local continuous replication (LCR) is a single-server solution that uses built-in asynchronous log shipping technology to create and maintain a copy of a storage group on a second set of disks that are connected to the same server as the production storage group. LCR provides log shipping, log replay, and a quick manual switch to a secondary copy of the data.  For more information:  

Q: For Exchange 2007 what are the PBX requirements for Unified Messaging (UM)

A:  The Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging role can communicate with two distinct types of PBX. Some PBX hardware, referred to as IP-PBXs, directly implements Voice over IP (VoIP) capability. Most PBXs, however, don't directly provide VoIP services, but instead use legacy, proprietary, circuit-switched protocols to transport phone traffic.  (Time Division Multiplexing (TDM), is one such circuit-switched method of transporting phone traffic.) These PBXs require the use of a VoIP gateway that translates between circuit switched protocols and packet based internet protocols compatible with the VoIP network stack that exists in Exchange Unified Messaging.   Here are also a list of the supported PBX’s: 

There is a great whitepaper discussing UM:


Q: What will the next version of Project be like?

A:  Here is the product guide:   


Q: What are the Office 2007 System requirements?

A:  You can find a list of requirements here:   Here is also a good comparison of the suites:


Q: Is there a built-In OCR?

A: Yes there will be.  However it looks like that it is in One Note, take a look here for more information:


Q: In Office 2007 if you save to a .pdf file, can you edit the .pdf file?

A:  Yes, Office 2007 supports the .PDF 1.4 specification, which is compatible with Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or later, so you will have to use Adobe.  One of the cool things in Office 2007 is that you will be able to convert Office Word 2007 documents, Office Excel 2007 workbooks, and Office PowerPoint 2007 presentations to Portable Document Format file (PDF) directly from within Office Home and Student 2007. You can save your work as a PDF file by simply using the Save As command from within one of these Microsoft Office programs.


Q: How will Office 2007 support Terminal Services?

A:  It looks like that it will be supported and run on Terminal Services, there are several customers that have had mixed success with the beta.  Give it a try and let me know how it worked!


Comments (7)

  1. Chris Haaker says:

    What kind of laptop did you get Matt? Details! Vista ready? 😉

  2. Matt Hester says:

    Our team got all new Lenovo T60p’s.  They are really fast, they are dual core 2ghz, 2 gb RAM two SATA drives, beautiful Video….you get the picture.  🙂 As for Vista capable, check out a post my buddy Keith Combs did:

  3. Chris Haaker says:

    I should have been more specific: does it give you Aero Glass? That’s the Vista compatibility I am concerned with! 😉

  4. David Sherman says:

    I thought that PDF support has been taken out of Office 2007.

  5. Matt Hester says:

    Thanks Chris, and yes it does support Aero glass, and it looks great!

  6. Matt Hester says:

    There was some talk to to take .pdf support out but it appears that it is still in the product, to the best of my knowledge it is going to be in the final product.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good morning MITPUG!

    I am sorry for posting this so late, but I first want to Thank you all for allowing…

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