Secure Collaboration with Antigen: Webcast (5-12-2006)

Good afternoon everyone! 

Thank you for attending the web cast on securing your collaboration with Antigen.  I hoped you enjoyed all the power and security that Antigen can provide to your organization.  Here are several resources that can be found on the Microsoft website to learn more about antigen including two new virtual labs that allow you to do the same demos I did on the webcast!

NEW Antigen Virtual labs:

Antigen's home page:
Download a trial of Antigen:
Sybari Antigen Product Overview:
Secure Messaging and Collaboration:

Watch the stream of the web cast here: Secure Collaboration with Antigen

A big thank you to Kevin Remde for helping out on questions here is the scrubbed Q/A log, please comment if you need more information.  Enjoy!

Question: Does this mean that in the future all you have to do is buy Microsoft Exchange and you will get a collaboration and protection in one purchase?
Answer: I don't know of any plans of that sort. Antigen is currently and will likely continue to be an added tool.

Question: How about zero-day viruses? Will Antigen provide and protection?
Answer: As we talked about it's always going to be a matter of how quickly the tools you're using (the engines you're using) have updates made available.  We discussed the response curve.  Remember Antigen focus on several engines, and the more engines = more chance that one of them will have a solution the earliest.

Question: What is the cost?
Answer: There are many tools, with various costs based on the tool you purchase. Check out the Sybari product page for more information on how to purchase:

Question: You can centrally manage all of these Antigen tools for protecting messaging, SharePoint, etc. Here's information about the Enterprise Management Tool:

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