Protecting Information with Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services: Webcast (5-3-2006)

Good afternoon everyone, here is the log for the RMS webcast!  Thank you for attending the web cast and, as promised here is the scrubbed Q/A log.  Please comment if you need more information.   

There is also a virtual lab that you can play with Rights Management here: 

Also if you can watch the stream of the web cast here:  
Protecting Information with Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services

Question: Where can I get more RMS information?
Answer: Take a look here:  

Question: But I don't have a test lab. Any idea how I can get started?
Answer: Try the TechNet RMS virtual lab:

Question: Does RMS come with the action pack?
Answer: It is probably on one of the disks. However, you can also download from  See the download links in the top right portion of the page. Also, read the licensing.

Question: If you have a SBS2003 Server with Windows XP Pro clients what else has to be installed and purchased to be able to use RMS? How do you count and monitor the number of licenses required and being used?
Answer: He is going over that today. See the requirements at

Question: In Matt's example right now, is it in a single domain? single forest , or could RMS work in multiple forests ?
Answer: I'm sure he's using a single forest and domain at the moment. checking on multiple forest...

Question: How about multiple forests?
Answer: See  and the rest of the docs in that area. Yes, you can do multiple forests.

Question: How about licensing and pricing?
Answer: See  for the pricing and licensing FAQ.

Question: Are there any issues running RMS services under virtual server (either standard or the new beta1)?
Answer: See the Virtual Server 2005 site for a list of supported operating systems and applications. I would imagine this would be a supported app. I'll check a little later and see if I see anything interesting.  Also that is how I ran it for the webcast.

Question: Would RMS’ encryption cause issues with an environment that uses EFS?
Answer: I don't see anything in the docs that would indicate an incompatibility.

Question: If you try to configure this on a Single Server running SBS2003 that already has a bunch of other stuff configured in the default web site are there any problem that might be caused by installing RMS?
Answer: Testing testing testing... I doubt it although the way you Question the question would have me wondering about the performance.

Question: Is there anyway to protect a corporate video with RMS or is that strictly the role of DRM, like Windows Media Rights Manager?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Is adobe acrobat RMS compliant?
Answer: Partners have extended RMS support into other applications/formats. One such partner is Liquid Machines ( that allows RMS policies to be applied to PDF documents and supports enforcement in Adobe Acrobat.

Question: What happens if the document is an email and the user receives it on a Windows Mobile Phone, will they be able to read it?
Answer: No, they will see the email, but they will not be able to open it.  I have not tested this with the new mobile 5 devices as of yet.

Question: If I bring up RMS in my production environment, does that immediately enable IRM for all Office 2003 users?  How can I do a limited pilot?
Answer: No, you have to deploy the RMS client to the systems.  To do pilots just control the deployment of the clients.

Question: When external users use .NET accounts to open up a document. Do we have to buy a CAL for them?
Answer: From a licensing perspective, the external users must be licensed via CALs or the External Connector License to use the internal RMS implementation, irrespective of the mechanism chosen to support external users.  Take a look at the licensing FAQ here:


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