A Day in the Life of Windows Vista Productivity: Web Cast (4-26-2006)

Good afternoon everyone! 

Thank you for attending the web cast on Vista!  I hoped you enjoyed all the information we had that will help all the IT Pro’s out there.  Vista has some great tools that allow us to quickly work with Vista!  Thank you to everyone that helped me with the questions and please comment if you need more information. 

Also if you can watch the stream of the web cast here:
A Day in the Life of Windows Vista Productivity


Question: What are the recommended hardware requirements?
Answer: It depends on which version of Vista you are going to run and the components you are going to use. Please take a look here for some guidance: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/windowsvista/evaluate/hardware/vistarpc.mspx

Question: I've found it runs even better in Virtual Server 2005 R2 which is of course now FREE

Question: In Vista do you still have to be an admin to add a network printer, like you do in Windows XP?
Answer: There is actually even an enhanced mode of administration that uses a split security token for the Admin account. When you are logged in as Admin you are actually using a scaled back token with limited access until you need elevated access then you activate your advanced access part of the security token.  Also there are new group policies to allow the deployment of printers via GPO settings.

Question: Does that switch user when the machine is locked work in a domain/AD environment?
Answer: Yes, you can use domain user switching

Question: I find in Vista it is impossible for me to delete a DLL without some type of intervention. As an administrator, what do I need to delete a dll?
Answer: Vista is trying to protect itself by controlling access to its DLL's.

Question: Where can I get a Beta version for testing?
Answer: Two places, either a TechNet plus Subscription or a MSDN subscription, to sign up for a TechNet subscription take a look here: www.microsoft.com/technet

Question: Can Vista run in Virtual PC/Virtual Server?
Answer: Yes, Virtual Server R2 and Vista work very well together. Nice since Virtual Server is now FREE, take a look here: http://blogs.technet.com/matthewms/archive/2006/04/03/424070.aspx

Question: When will the beta for Vista go public?
Answer: Not sure when, but possibly when the release candidates come out.

Question: In Vista does the Remote Desktop still kick off the currently logged on user like Windows XP does?
Answer: Good Question. I have not tried it with anything other than a Longhorn Server. In that environment it does require authentication.

Question: Can the event forwarding features be configured via group policy?
Answer: It can be configured using Group Policy

Question: Can the improvement program configured to be disabled with unattended setup?
Answer: I would guess it could, I would wonder why you would want to do it? It has a lot of benefits.

Question: Can the event viewer events be forwarded to a MOM server?
Answer: yes.

Question: Is Windows Defender included with the Vista O/S?
Answer: Yes

Question: Is there a tool to run on my machines to test to make sure the machine has enough graphics power to fully support all the VISTA graphics features?
Answer: I don’t know of a test app. I would imagine you will see a vista test application that will test your system and give you a log of feedback much like we had with Windows Server R2

Question: Will the event log be loaded on home editions?
Answer: Yes

Question: Can defender be configured via GPO so certain configurations can be pushed to all of the domain?
Answer: Yes, you  will be able to make configurations via GPO

Question: Will OneCare Subsribtion be included in Vista Ultimate or TechNet subscription?
Answer: I have not heard anything along these lines. At present you can register for the free beta of oncare.live.com

Question: There has to be a way to register for beta releases?
Answer: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/beta/preregister.mspx

Question: are enterprise and ultimate the only versions of vista that will have remote desktop?
Answer: I am not positive but I believe this is the case, I will not know until the product is released.

Question: Does Vista have NetMeetnig included with it? (i.e. 98, 2K and XP)
Answer: Take a look here for the features; this also has a lot of great information on vista: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/windowsvista/default.mspx

Question: IS there a special reason why Luna (XP Style) is not included in Vista for mid-performance machines?
Answer: I don’t think there is a special reason for this. I guess the product group figures if you like LUNA you would love AERO.

Question: Can you setup Tasks using GPO's?
Answer: Yes.  Take a look here for more new features: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/windowsvista/library/gpol/a8366c42-6373-48cd-9d11-2510580e4817.mspx?mfr=true

Question: Will there be a library of event ID for us to reference to take another action on...such as a disk warning?
Answer: There will. Watch the TechNet website; it will most likely be released as Vista gets closer to release.

Question: Can standard users create a new or delete a task if it was configured via a GPO?
Answer:  Depends on their permissions, most likely not.

Question: Will GPO have a template where you pick an event and attach a task to it or some other mechanism to duplicate what Matt just presented and do it in an Enterprise environment to multiple computers?
Answer: Group policy in Longhorn will allow for the assignment of tasks to multiple computers. It is a slightly different model that we are used to from Windows 2003.
See Michael Murphy’s Group Policy with Windows Vista Webcast  
Also take a look here for more information: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/windowsvista/library/gpol/a8366c42-6373-48cd-9d11-2510580e4817.mspx?mfr=true

Question: Are the Media Center additions fully functioning in the Vista CTP?
Answer: Yes in the ultimate edition

Question: Do u have any idea about how much costs for a windows vista home edition?
Answer: Pricing has not been released yet, expect this be announced closer to launch

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