Cincinnati, OH Questions and Answers Take Charge of your Security (4-18-2006)

Hello Cincinnati!  I enjoyed coming back to Newport and I am glad we had a great turnout!Sorry for the delay, but here are the answers from the session on the 18th.  As always feel free to comment if I missed any question or if you need additional information, enjoy! 

Q: Where can I watch that great TV show Matt showed us a portion of?
  Check out my blog entry on Interface TV: Matt’s Blog Entry on the Red Cross and InterFace.  Otherwise you can visit: to watch the full show, it is about 22 minutes long.  Please enjoy and comment here on the show.

Q: Where can I find the wireless tools that were demonstrated during the show?
  Actually in two places.  If you still have the DVD we gave out at the show, go to to this directory on the DVD: Security Tools\Whitepapers\Securing Wireless LANs with PEAP and Passwords.  Extract the zip file and you will have all the information that I demoed.  Second you can download the file from the web located here: 
The written guide is located here: 

Q: Where is the CERT website for the free training?
Carnegie Mellon offers some great FREE security training, check them out here:  This is some fantastic training and I highly encourage to check it out, it is a very good resource for everyone!

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