Me, Wrestling and a Great Time

Okay, my brain is set to rest.  I have been a wrestling fan all my life, I remember the good ole days with Bob Backlund and Sgt. Slaughter.  Ah those were some of the best days.  I even went on a date to Showbiz pizza to meet several pro wrestlers.  It was fantastic!  It was also a dream of mine to always become a wrestler.  Imagine my dismay when the wrestling industry had to open its cover’s a bit to avoid higher taxes (I think that is right) and became not a sport but an entertainment show.  For me this was the beginning of the end, and I fell out of enjoying wrestling.  It just was not for me, too many gimmicks!  So I tuned out for years.  On my recent trip to Cincinnati, I was invited by a long time friend of mine (Thank you Carrie) to watch the Heartland Wrestling Association.  I have to tell you it was a fantastic!  The athletes that I had to pleasure to watch really went after each other.  They gave everything they had during their matches and it was impressive to watch.  I felt like I was a kid again!  It revitalized my faith in wrestling and I am glad there are wrestlers like those in the HWA giving their hearts and souls every night!  So if you are in Cincinnati on a Tuesday evening (show starts at 7), and want to have an enjoyable evening watching wrestling.  Check them out: Heartland Wrestling Association.

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