Watch the Red Cross and IT Pros help the relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina

Don’t you think IT pros should have a television show? 

If you’re reading my blog the answer this question, hopefully is:




Developers have a show, and even Emeril has a show.  Don’t get me wrong those shows are good and I have even blogged about them (The Code Room)

But it makes me wonder what about you and me, the Information Technology Professionals of the world?


Wouldn’t it be great to show how the servers we work with everyday provide impact.  I am not talking about impact to our businesses or watching the install of Exchange 2003 (as cool as that is), but I am talking about something bigger.  I am talking about the positive impact that we can have on our local communities. 


Guess what, now we DO!


The show: InterFace is ready for you to view.  Chris Henley and I have been working very hard on this concept (take a look in the credits ).  The show demonstrates the positive impact of IT and IT Pro’s in the community.  This episode is simply fantastic!  The show showcases how The Red Cross used technology during the relief efforts during Hurricane Katrina.  The show is simply amazing at showing the impact of the work that we do everyday!  So, sit back and enjoy!


Check it out here:


Please comment and let me know what you think of the show, also we are looking to do more episodes in the future!


Bonus: Where have you seen the host before? 

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