Protecting Information with Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services: Webcast (3-13-2006)

Good afternoon everyone, sorry for the extreme delay on posting the Q/A from the web cast!  Thank you for attending the web cast and, as promised here is the scrubbed Q/A log.  Please comment if you need more information.   

There is also a virtual lab that you can play with Rights Management here: 

Also if you can watch the stream of the web cast here:  
Protecting Information with Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services


Question: Does Right Management Services include all Windows Office File Types including Audio and Video like a Windows PowerPoint Producer Presentation File?
Answer: IRM is in Office 2003 you should be able to IRM a Windows PowerPoint Producer Presentation

Question: Is IRM Supported in SharePoint ?
Answer: If you’re asking if can the files can be stored on SharePoint, yes they can. If they are protected files only the users with permissions will be able to access. IRM is done at the client app level

Question: What happens when a person who does not have the rms client receives an email that has been protected?
Answer: they are unable to read the email.

Question: How is it possible to protect information over Internet, when I distribute files or videos?
Answer: To enable rights-protected viewing outside your organization, you can acquire a Windows Server 2003 External Connector License and an RMS External Connector License for each RMS server that your external users will access. This fulfills the RMS licensing requirements, so you do not have to purchase individual Windows CALs and RMS CALs for each external user.

Question: Why the ServiceConnectionPoint lookup, versus using an SRV record for RMS in DDNS?
Answer: Functionality of Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) see

Question: Is it possible to view RMS protected emails on a mobile device?
Answer: At this time there are no downloadable RMS client viewers, such as RMA, available for users opening and using rights-protected e-mail and documents on mobile devices. In addition, neither Pocket Word nor Pocket Excel supports opening rights-protected documents.

Question: Can this prevent screen capture utilities from copying the information?
Answer: No.

Question: Yes, he made a verbal point about the difference between IRM and DRM ... yes, the installation of the RMS client created a "DRM" directory, not "IRM". Not a big deal . I understand ... but it is "confusing".
Answer: He's correct, and you're right it’s a little confusing.

Question: When a file is expired, does that mean that it cannot be accessed at all? what about access by the author?
Answer: After the author-defined period of time has elapsed, the files can no longer be opened as the “use license” will have expired.

Question: I presume something like Microsoft ISA Server can be used to "publish" an RMS root server or cluster to the Internet (versus having the RMS infrastructure sitting in the DMZ)? This question is focused on RMS "federation" if you will, like what you have with Microsoft and the LCS 2005 Proxy?
Answer: Yes you can, take a look here for some more information:

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    Can I open file carrying permissions from the RMS server using my mobile ; PDA ; Windows Mobile

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