You can talk to Windows Vista, and it Listens!

You need to check out Chris Henley’s pod cast on Windows Vista Speech Recognition, if you answer yes to any of the questions below. 

  • Are you one those people that have always talked to your computer and it never listens? 
  • Have you tried voice recognition and it practically laughed at how you spoke?
  • Are Scotty from Star Trek and think mice and keyboards are quaint?

Have you spent countless hours in front of your computer, saying OPEN WINDOW, OPEN WINDOW.  To only have your family and friends leave the room shaking their heads as the power of your own voice commanded the window to open?  Okay maybe that was just me, but I have to tell you Speech Recognition in Vista is simply phenomenal and you thought the XBOX 360 AD was cool, than I definitely know you will like this.

Chris Henley’s screen-cast on Speech Recognition: 

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  1. Eva says:

    We love it!! We have been working with Dragon NaturallySpeaking for years and are thrilled to have an alternative That just also happens to be fully integrated with the OS and Office Products. We use Dragon NaturallySpeaking everyday for email and MS Word documents, etc. from time to time the program stops functioning properly, specifically we lose our ability to “Select and Say”. The problem is fixable but be wish the programs would play a

    little nicer together sometimes. We are optimistic the Vista Speech will provide a bit more stability.  And finally we are “Mobile” users, love our computers but we also like to step away from them sometime, so we enthusiastically hope for integration with Digital Voice Recorders and other mobile technology. So we can dictate on the go, and transcribe later… 😉 Thanks – Eva at  

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